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Welcome to Clear Mind Counseling, your sanctuary for overcoming anxiety under the expert care of Lucia Wallis Smith in Princeton, NJ. Here, your journey toward healing is held in the highest regard, as we navigate together towards serenity and fulfillment.



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Anxiety Therapist Princeton NJ

Your Path to Freedom

Has fear become a barrier between you and the life you aspire to live? At Clear Mind Counseling, we recognize the profound impact anxiety can wield over your existence. Lucia Wallis Smith, our esteemed anxiety therapist, has devoted over twenty years to assisting individuals like you to traverse the complexities of anxiety, guiding them towards a life marked by peace and achievement.

Begin your path to healing by sharing your story. In a nurturing and confidential setting, Lucia will work with you to uncover the origins of your anxiety, ensuring you feel heard and understood.

With Lucia’s expertise, you’ll explore effective, evidence-based strategies for managing and overcoming your fears. Through a bespoke blend of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and other proven methodologies, you’ll gain valuable insights into confronting and mitigating your anxiety.

Armed with knowledge and strategies, you’ll embark on a journey to reclaim your life. Lucia’s individualized support will empower you to apply these techniques daily, enabling you to navigate challenges with newfound resilience and tranquility.

In-Person Counseling in Princeton, NJ

Located in the heart of Princeton, NJ, Clear Mind Counseling offers a serene and inviting environment for those seeking face-to-face therapy sessions. Our in-person counseling services provide a personal touch, allowing for a deeper connection and immediate support. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or seeking guidance through a difficult period, our Princeton office is a sanctuary for healing. Experience the full benefit of personalized therapy in a comfortable setting, designed to foster growth and understanding. Join us at Clear Mind Counseling, where every session is a step closer to clarity and peace.

Teletherapy Counseling for New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Florida

Living in Pennsylvania or Florida doesn’t mean you have to forego the exceptional counseling services offered by Clear Mind Counseling. Our teletherapy sessions bring the expertise and compassionate care of Lucia Wallis Smith directly to you, no matter where you are. Embrace the convenience and comfort of receiving therapy in your own space while benefiting from the same high-quality, personalized treatment plans. Teletherapy is ideal for those with busy schedules, mobility issues, or anyone preferring the privacy of their own environment. Connect with us through teletherapy and embark on your journey to wellness with flexibility and ease.

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