Today I would like to share an article by a fellow mental health professional. She suggests that we create our own 2-minute affirmation to repeat while we are scrupulously washing our hands to avoid COVID-19. This would be a good self-care addition to your life during shelter-in-place. It doesn’t have to be the one she suggests. It is fully customizable. Make your own, using language that gives you comfort and hope. The other day I was standing in line at the pharmacy, waiting to pick up a prescription. It was a long line and it was moving slowly. People were … Read more…


I am so glad you are here! I created this blog to offer support to the many people who experience anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety or phobias.  I am a certified clinical anxiety treatment professional with 20 years in the field helping adolescents and adults manage and overcome their anxiety. I hope these posts feel helpful.