30-Day Anxiety Challenge

Challenge Your Anxiety and Change Your Life 30-Day Anxiety Challenge   Most likely, you won’t get rid of all of your anxiety in a  month, but you can take baby steps that put you on the road to making a difference in your world. Most people see a lot of progress within 30 days. The only item you need is commitment. This list will provide you with a few ideas. Put your creative thinking cap on, and you’ll develop a few of your own ideas for challenges that will make a positive difference in your life. 5 Intriguing Ways to Challenge … Read more…

Meditation for those that ‘just can’t meditate’

The popularity of the ancient practice of meditation continues to rise in the western world. It seems that we can’t check out at a grocery store without seeing at least one magazine touting the benefits of meditation. And odds are you’ve tried it at least once. Am I right? Yet, we all know that one person – and perhaps it’s you! – that “just can’t meditate.” “I’ve tried it and can’t do it.” “I can’t sit still.” “It’s not for me.” The truth is, we can all actually do it. Some of us just interpret normal and expected attention-related issues … Read more…

6 Ways To Reduce Your Holiday Anxiety When Everyone Else Is Catastrophizing!

  Negativity is all around us. In a world where social media and reality TV dictate how we should think and act, it’s no wonder that anxiety is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom, especially during the stress of the holidays.   When you immerse yourself in focusing on the negative daily, you feel drained and anxious thoughts engulf your mind.   Luckily, you can consciously decide to eliminate or reduce anxiety by taking practical steps to resist negative thoughts each day.   Use these strategies to stay positive when … Read more…

Covid depression – The ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘what to do’.

By now, we’ve all heard that COVID-19 has had a massive effect on the population’s mental health. “In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%” – The World Health Organization Changes to daily life, the grief that accompanies losing others, and isolation have all caused extreme levels of anxiety for the population at large. However, it appears that those that actually became sick with COVID-19 have been much more susceptible to varying mental health problems. A 2021 study entitled Association of Acute Symptoms of COVID-19 and Symptoms of Depression … Read more…

Anxiety – When To Seek Help

Anxiety. We all have it from time to time.  According to the ADAA, anxiety is the most common mental illness in America.

But when is it time to see a professional therapist to help us cope with our anxiety?

If you believe you have been dealing with anxiety for a while now, then here are some telltale signs that it’s time to seek help.

Your health is suffering – Anxiety and the stress it brings can negatively affect your physical health. If you’re experiencing a string of physical ailments – such as headaches, frequent colds, problems sleeping, and unexpected muscle pain – anxiety may be a root cause. Of course, always consult with your primary care doctor as well.

Your relationships are suffering – If you are having difficulty maintaining relationships – with family, friends, and your significant other – anxiety may be a culprit. High anxiety levels often result in feelings of irritation and unhappiness when interacting with others.

Your emotions are out of control – An anxious person may feel extremely emotional regularly. Feeling emotions is, of course, a healthy thing. If your emotions are more intense than usual and hit you much more frequently, anxiety levels could be a cause.

Struggles at work or school – Difficulty focusing, low energy levels, and a general sense of disinterest are all signs of anxiety at play.

Feeling overwhelmed – If the rigors of your everyday life suddenly feel overwhelming, it may be a sign that your mind’s coping mechanisms are compromised. Anxiety has a way of making the normal feel like the weight of the world.

Lack of joy – If the things that made you happy all your life suddenly feel uninteresting, if you have an ongoing sense of dread, or an ongoing feeling of tension, then anxiety may be a culprit.

If one or more of the above describes what you are going through, please consider speaking with a professional therapist. You are certainly not alone in your struggle and deserve to recapture the peace of mind and joy that escapes you these days.

Improve Your Anxiety and Depression in 6 Unique Ways

Good mental health is essential to living your best life.. But in today’s fast-paced, uber-connected world, finding the time and space to relax and recharge can be challenging. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours meditating or traveling halfway around the world to find peace of mind. I encourage you to try these six ways to improve feelings of anxiety and depression. 1. Begin Exercising Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. For starters, it’s an efficient stress reliever and may help with anxiety and depression. one thing we do know is that exercise improves circulation and stimulates … Read more…